Forget Fancy Tea Parties and Dinners! This Women's Day we are taking the party to the camps baby!😜

Women's Day Initiative by ChanyD

So, if you know me , you will know I am all for empowering individuals. Whether you're male or female regardless of your age, I am always on a mission to encourage any human to better themselves.

Being a woman living in such a beautiful rainbow nation has equipped me over the years to be an individual with crocodile skin.

I have mastered the art of working hard and taking criticism with a smile. I learn every single day from everyone around me. Whether you're a kid or an adult , whether a CEO or a street beggar , I learn from you.

I do the same for you also, I always try to make people learn from me. I'm human so I make mistakes along the way , yes people judge too , but guess what? That's life. How you handle a situation can either make or break you!

I have a heart for helping people and to build women up. A few months ago , I heard a very sad story , actually it is reality. My Women's Day Donate a pack of Pads Initiative stems from this story and I hope it touches more people.

There are girls/women who cannot afford pads , pads are literally a basic human need for women in general. When I mean these women cannot afford them , I mean they are using the soles of shoes as pads. How sad?

My heart really broke when I heard this as we have so much to offer and there are people right at our doorstep that need our help.

So I decided to embark on a "Women's Day Donate a pack of Pads Initiative" to collect as many pads as possible & donate it to these innocent girls on Women's Day.

Together with a pack of pads, each girl will receive a sandwich and a soft drink. This is to empower these young girls and educate them that if you work hard you will be able to earn a living.

Pads will be donated to 3 homes in Johannesburg and My Cuppa Tea With ChanyD will be collaborating with 3 Foundations that are already doing a sterling job in assisting those that are less fortunate.

We have received an overwhelming response from men and women throughout the country who have already donated pads.

If you would like to join the fun & feel good on the inside ... donate a pack ... guess what? It is just R7 at Dischem & Pep.

Contact me , donate a pack and help us empower women & make a difference.

Everyone who donates will be featured on a special blogpost , with pictures and all the details of our Women's Day Initiative.

No fancy luncheons or high tea parties this Women's Day! We are doing fancy at the camps with the real folk who need us.

Want to be part of a powerful team that empowers and makes a positive difference in your area? Contact me and we can chat further.

Yours in uplifting & empowering ALWAYS (No pun intendedπŸ˜‰) ...

ChanyD 🌷🌷🌷

Pics are not mine!