What the “FAT" is going on?

Yes! I am breaking down the chains and shackles of the world's favorite "F" word (No not F#!?😂) ... FAT!

By Chantelle Dasrath

I don’t know about you, but I am emotionally drained by how the world deals with the word "fat"

Every side I turn, I hear people complaining about being too fat, even skinny people are complaining about being fat!

As for the media and television, it’s like fat is more important than oxygen! 😅

My kid who was just over 1 year at the time, surprised me a few months ago and said that a certain person was fat. I promise I never ever call anyone fat.

After speaking to him about it, we realized that he’s so smart, he says dada is thin, mama is fat, just to make us laugh.

Kids these days are too smart and advanced. I really believe we need to start instilling good in our kids. I don’t want my kid to be a bully or become a victim of bullying. 🚫

Like if you know me well, you would know I am always defending or speaking up against the “fat” prejudice. 💯

To be honest, I NEVER see “fat” in a person. Hard to believe, but true. If someone who is slightly over weight or over weight sees themselves as being fat, then I think we have some sort of a problem.

Yes statistics show and prove that there are more overweight people in the world and human being's eating habits are extremely poor.

But who cares about statistics? There are more important things in life!

Why not help that so-called “over-weight” person.

I always get asked the following questions or get told the following:

  1. Why are you going to gym you don’t need to lose weight?
  2. You’re so skinny you will never understand.
  3. What’s your secret?
  4. I wish I was you. (Do you even know my story?)
  5. Your figure is perfect.

Believe me this list goes on. Look, yes I am not in your shoes, but honey, I can assure you that to be “ANYTHING” in life, one has to work for it.

I work my flippen ass out at gym, I make time to go to gym, I watch what I eat and how I eat.👌

I scold people around me for bad eating habits including my kid who believe me hates food and loves sweets. (I guess when the grandparents are the baby-sitters one has to accept this).

I have a high metabolism which means I crap a lot.😂

To me “ FAT” is not a bad thing, I have found ways to beat that so called “fat drug”. 😏

I don’t really care about what the media and world portrays as being fat, to me fat is NOT ugly.

I’m tired of hearing, “I’m too fat”, “nothing fits me”, "I wish I could cut my stomach” (How will you live without a stomach dammit?) , “Please check with your people for ways to melt my fat”, I mean are you guys flippen mad!

Yes my people can help you lead a healthy life if you want to work towards it!

Instead of looking for easy ways out – which works sometimes for some people, why not try to make a change.

Instead of worrying that “fat” looks bad to you, why not think about the how it affects your health in a negative way.

Being healthy is way more important than how you look. 👏

Are you even aware of the fact that there are “good fats” that assist in weight loss? Yeah, I’m not kidding ,google it!

Foods like Avocado, Greek Yoghurt,Dark Chocolate , Almond Butter etc are good fats & aid in losing weight journeys across the globe.

I ain’t no dietician but I can guarantee you that eating healthily will not only help lose weight, but will make you feel good as well.

Being over-weight /plus – size is not as bad as society makes it. I am always encouraging those around me that complain.

Honey! Have you looked at yourself lately? You are so damn gorgeous in my eyes, I wish you could see yourself as I see you. (This is one of my many conversations with lots of my acquaintances).

I really don’t care about what the “world” thinks is the norm. To be “FAT” is not ugly. People are different and everyone loses weight differently but I can assure you that if you make an attempt to eat healthy you will see a big difference.

For me personally, I find that training and sticking to meal plans are more fun and successful when done in groups, it becomes a challenge of some sort.

So for us, we (My bro, sis & I ) , share a personal trainer and we train together in one session. Believe me it is such good sibling time as we are always laughing. Well all of them including the trainer laughs at me coz’ apparently my legs are long and I look weird doing some exercises so it’s a big joke for everyone including me.

We enjoy these sessions as we are building relationships, helping each other out, trying out new stuff and off-course we are nearing the goal day by day. After our session, we all meet at our parents place for a quick chicken and salad dinner on most days.

Look everyone does what suits them and making an attempt is your first step to the actual goal.

Comparison is the thief of joy! People need to stop comparing and start doing.

I remember when I was pregnant for my son, putting on weight was something new to me.

By the time I was 7 months pregnant, my clothes didn’t fit, I had put on weight in like every single place in my body. I actually felt a bit sad one day (sad for her, not me), when a colleague said to me … wait for it …

1. You have put on so much of weight!

2. You are fat now hey!

3. Are you not scared that you’re not going to lose weight after the baby?

I decided to share some of my own preggy pics with you guys

You get these people that await your downfall or want you to fail!

If I think about it now, at the time of my pregnancy, I ate healthy foods, I listened to my gynae, and I stayed away from all foods that pregnant women are not allowed to eat.

My answer to my so-called “friend” was, “Yes I have put on weight, (That’s what happens when you’re pregnant darling!), I feel good as long as my baby is healthy. I actually trained in the weight section of gym with my growing belly and no, I’m not scared of “not being able to lose the weight” after pregnancy.

Unfortunately, we get these kinds of people in life and how we deal with them either makes us or breaks us.

Well, 20 days post-partum, I got out of the house with my “fat” and 6 weeks post-partum I hit the gym.

Fat doesn’t scare me and will never scare me.

You see what you eat in private shows in public.

Everywhere I look and turn, I see people struggling and complaining about “fat”.

It’s funny because the people that are complaining are actually the ones doing nothing about losing weight.

The people trying something and making the sacrifices are the ones that are being stalked on social media.

I get inboxed on social media from so many people asking me for my secret or my diet.

It’s not about a certain “miracle” diet or pill.

** It is about getting off your lazy ass & going for walk, go for a jog, play some sport , walk up stairs ,(I walk up 30 stairs twice daily carrying my 11kg son) , yes take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator!*

It is about eating 1 slice of bread instead of 2!

It is about saying no to that ice-cream that looks so tasty!

It is about changing your lifestyle and making your health a priority.

I can guarantee you, I will even take a bet with whoever wants to, that if you make a decision to start you will see a difference… a good difference!

What the world sees as fat , I see as motivation!

What the world sees as fat, I see as a project!

What the world sees as fat, I see a human being!

End of Story!

Please note that my life-style blog pieces are my opinions and not meant to harm any specific person.

Every single post I write about is my personal journey! It is to uplift and encourage someone somewhere to be better.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Please leave your comments below and share with as many people as you can.

You might just save a life by doing so!

Here’s to “End FAT Shaming together"!

Yours in winning always...yes even at the "fat" game ...