What happens at the Nail Salon 😜 off-course doesn’t stay there!!!

By Chantelle Dasrath

Get all the juicy deets on my visit to The Loft Nail Bar.

Everyone has their personal preferences and choices when it comes to relationships and the way one interacts with their partner.

For us,my hubby and I have certain things in particular that we enjoy doing together.

We have our own hobbies and try to make sure we support each others likes and hobbies, we always make sure we have time for us and our relationship.

One of the many things we enjoy doing together… is our monthly pedicure date. 😁 I must admit , my hubby is a sucker for a good pedicure and mani too if he can squeeze that in as well. (Yes , he does his nails and joins me for waxing as well 😅)

Taking care of your hands and feet are very important to my husband , he just wants them to always be neat! I have no complaints about that! Which woman wouldn’t want a good pamper session like "All the time"?

So we try out new places and mind you , we are very fussy characters.

Here’s a little review on our experience at The Loft Nail Bar :

The name says is all, its a quaint little spot based in Dainfern Fourways with a very modern feel.

The atmosphere and overall feel is ultra-chic , we were welcomed with bright smiles and offered drinks.

The Salon has a modern touch with interior décor and design that speaks silent volumes of the brand itself.

Small conversations, giggles & first time waxing screams are heard throughout this cute little space that actually creates somewhat of a real upmarket , classy and sophisticated venue for both male & female clients.

The pedicure chair is a real hit,with a massage control that is able to keep you in relaxed mode throughout your session.

The nail technicians are all pretty ladies with such good mannerisms and are always checking up to see if you are good.

We always go to places where we are treated well and feel comfortable and I must say , the ladies at this upmarket Nail Salon are all about treating clients with respect.

The face behind The Loft Nail Bar brand is a gorgeous lady with a big personality. Obviously an extrovert who carries herself out so well.

She is friendly , talks to every client , she’s modern and fashionable and loves to laugh and joke around. She’s actually the perfect package 💯

A modern day empowered woman on a mission!😎 "You go girl"!🙌

Our Sunday pedicures were very soothing and relaxing. Both our feet felt good, the workmanship of the actual pedicure was a real hit. Nails were clipped and filed properly, not a haphazard job at all.

My hubby loves buffed nails so he is definitely crushing on his pedicured shiny nails and feet.

For me personally , the pedicure was good, I loved the colour and my overall experience at this picturesque Nail Bar was a thumbs up.

Everyone deserves some pampering now and then! So if you're around The Fourways area , pop by the Loft Nail Bar for some TLC that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Concluding Remarks ...

We both agreed that we really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at this place. The pedicures were spot on , the service was awesome! Not a busy or noisy place and that is what makes this salon unique.

It has a certain "je ne sais quoi" that believe it or not is an identical match to the boss lady herself! 😎

Definitely #MyCuppaTea 👌

Yours in Mani & Pedi Dates ...

ChanyD 💋💋