Are you crazy about online shopping like we are? I mean who can resist shopping in your pj's at home relaxed & choosing items without the hustle & bustle of a busy mall.

August has been one hectic month for me. I have been MIA for a bit as I had been moving houses, had funerals & weddings in different provinces & well work deadlines. I am finally finding some time to blog. So keep a close eye out for exciting new blog-posts.

If you know me you will know , I have an eye for fashion & well a good online boutique is always "My Cuppa Tea".

My Cuppa Tea with ChanyD caught up with this chic new online boutique & guess what? We have a promo 👌 … Yikes so exciting!

From a rather unique name to items that scream modern & oh so damn cute 😍 , La Rosa is an online clothing boutique with a range that let’s just say … “Every gal wants a piece of”

A short interview with Charlene the gorgeous face behind this hidden online store gave us some insight on her fab new baby … La Rosa!


  • Please introduce yourself

My name is Charlene, I am the owner of La Rosa. La Rosa is only one month old and still growing , but I have big plans for growth before the end of 2017. I have been interested in starting my own business for a while now and brainstormed a lot of ideas before I committed to this one however with my educational background in Fashion (LISOF BA Fashion Graduate) I realised my passion is what I needed to follow and that, paired with the skills and experience I gained during my studies, made this whole experience a lot more practical. I am so excited about this and think of it as my child that I love to watch grow.

  • La Rosa SA - That's such a unique name , please tell us more about the name?

This one’s an interesting story and more difficult to explain than you’d think, whilst brain storming the perfect name for my brand I was definitely inspired by a rose, for numerous reasons, including sentimental ones that are personal to me as well as trendy ones. Then there was a day where Dirty Dancing 2 was on TV (one of my favourites) and anyone who’s watched it will know what La Rosa Negra is- a famous club in Cuba- so I dropped the negra and the name basically stuck.

  • We are in love with your staples , they are edgy , sassy , fashionable and stylish - tell us where you get these outfits from?

At the moment the La Rosa pieces come from 1 specific supplier that we’ve grown comfortable working with and have built a good relationship, however we are looking to expand and find new suppliers to get more variation going.

  • Do you also sell accessories?

At the moment the only accessories we have on the site are the belts, but as mentioned before we definitely still in early stages and are looking into different variations of accessories we could offer, however we’d like to keep the core focus on clothing and swimwear in the summer.

  • How does one purchase?
    Purchasing is as easy as going on to the site and placing your order with the integrated cart system, its as easy as filling in your details and clicking “checkout”

  • Are u a strictly online store?

We are strictly online, there are no plans for a physical store in the near future but you never know where we could end up and we’d love to be able to open a store and start doing pop ups at daytime markets etc.

  • How has the response been from South African women in terms of purchasing and feedback of garments?

The feedback has been great and our customers have given amazing feedback that they love their La Rosa pieces and are very excited to wear them.

  • Are there any future plans to include mens & kids wear?

We’d love to expand into menswear, we are in the process of finding a good match in terms of suppliers and possibly CMT’s so you can definitely keep an eye out for that. As for kids wear we don’t feel it would fit in with the brand at the moment.

  • Any advice for aspiring up and coming business women?

My advice would be take the risk and commit to it, persevere through any hiccups and give it your all.

  • 5 fashion must-haves this Spring/Summer

1 Graphic Tees: these have been a huge hit when it comes to streetwear at fashion week and are so easy to style, pair them with a good denim and sneakers and you good to go.

2 A low back one piece bikini in a simple colour like black, navy, red or white- this will definitely be a staple for the beach goers this summer.

3 All things sheer! This ones not for the faint hearted and definitely a lot more risky but if you dare to try it the outcome can be super trendy and doesn’t always have to be too risqué.

4 Statement sleeves: this trend is one of my favs that has dominated this winter season and will carry over into summer in lighter fabrics and bright colours insuring your outfit makes an impact!

5 All things embroidered- whether it be denim, cotton shirts, leather handbags, embroidery isn’t going anywhere this summer.

Dolls! Don’t wait, shop your favorite items and well wait for it 😻… here’s a sizzling hot 🔥 deal to welcome Summer , if you purchase during the month of September , you may use my promo code : ChanyD for a 15% discount baybee! What ya waiting for? Happy Shopping my gorgeous Roses!

Yours in Hott Flippen Fashion … All Day Err Day!

ChanyD 🌷