Still a winner amidst the crap from some people!

A real life story about how Lifestyle Blogger ChanyD handles life when lemons,daggers and hate are all thrown at her!

By ChanyD

I sometimes don’t understand the world! We grow up longing to be successful so we are taught to work hard and always leap when opportunities are presented to us but when we win,people start to bring you down.

For me personally,I am at a point in my life where I don’t really care about the negative stuff people say about me,it actually balances me and makes me want to win even more.

It has taken me a long time to mature and come to this point. Society needs to realise that life is so precious and not something that a lot of people get to enjoy so make the most of every single moment you have with loved ones.

For me I expect everyone to be like me and be happy for the next person but I learnt very fast that people can be cruel. I just feel like why shouldn’t we be nice human beings and help each other? Why shouldn’t we share our diet tips and style secrets?

Why shouldn’t I tell my followers what lipstick colour I am using? I always get people telling me not to tell everyone where I got something from or tips on how to shop smartly. I don’t understand why? For me I really believe God has blessed me with a gift to help others and I use this extensively. It does not make me a silly person when I tell you exactly where to shop overseas or where the good eating places are. I mean do you think I am going to go all the way to Sephora in Dubai and not allow the ladies in my family to also get the limited edition Amrezy highlighter as well? Never! I am just not that type of a person. I love & share no matter what! In fact it's something all my siblings possess ... I guess that's just the way we were brought up.

It’s just the Godly thing to do. I was created in God’s image so why not be Christ-like and help others?

Whether I am rushing off on a flight or packing at midnight for a trip, I always make sure the charities I help get the stuff they need before I leave. Not because I need fame but because I just feel like how can I go enjoy something when some kids don’t even know what an easter egg is?

The reason for this blogpost is for me to inspire others and educate you on how helping others will come back to you in a good way.

Recently I heard 2 stories from 2 different people say things about me that were not true at all. Very shocking as one was a family member (not so close) and the other was someone I know as well.

Both were untrue and obviously created some drama. The question is how did I react to this? It’s human nature to feel disappointed and sad and that’s exactly how I felt when I first heard about it. More because the family member who said these things often sends me the best messages and always says good things to me. (which off-course is a load of crap now).

I have some very close family & friends that I confide in who gave me the best advice as well. I wish I could mention you guys here but thanks a lot for your advice and helping me with this. (You know who you are).

So what did I do?

I told both the people that told me these made-up stories to ignore and not react. I said God knows my heart and lets just leave it right there. The funny thing about life is when you are a real person and forgive people,you release the stress and unnecessary drama. (I love this).

To be quite honest, I sometimes don’t even have time to eat,I am always rushing so for me to take someone else's opinions and turn it into a big fight would just be pointless. Yes, I know exactly what you said about me but I chose to forgive you.

I am busy trying to work hard and make more money. I don’t have time. For me time is precious and I use all of my time to be a winner.

When you do good , it will come back to you. Society needs to understand that nothing positive or good ever comes from negativity, gossip, hate & jealousy. These things are straight from the pit of hell and needs to go back there. When you overcome the bad with the good,there’s a celebration and victory in Heaven.

All religions teach the same about love. To be a genuinely good person I firmly believe that one has to accept who you are first, be comfortable with who God created you to be,accept that life has all sorts of different humans and most importantly realise that every single person’s journey is different.

Your beginning is someone else’s middle … so always remember that comparison is the thief of joy.

It is not an easy road to be on a public platform all the time but I have grown to implement this Bible verse into my everyday life,James 1:19 "Everyone should be quick to listen,slow to speak and slow to become angry” ,which has helped me to mature even more and actually makes me so much of a better person.

When I was at Journalism school I learnt that any publicity is good publicity that's how some celebs make money and get famous … so to all my fellow "frenemies & fam-enemies" that think bringing someone down and making up stories will get you anywhere, believe me honey it wont. Life has a way of coming back to you. It’s simple - you do good and good will follow you.

Love,forgive,be good humans and do a good deed every once in a while. Not only will you feel good but you will realise that our purpose in life is just to be there for someone who doesn’t have it all together. I always tell people … one never knows what someone else is going through so watch how you speak,put a smile on someone's dial,help a complete stranger,pay for a stranger’s parking ticket,give a big tip somewhere,be a good samaritan to someone and just sit back and watch God work in your life.

So the answer to my million dollar question… How does ChanyD handle negativity & hate from others? I ignore people and allow them to heal and get over stuff on their own. The truth always prevails and the life one leads is evident in how a person treats someone who has nothing to offer them.

Hope this writeup helps at least one person out there.

Yours in being good humans … all the time!💜