Stylish Ankle Boots are the Name of the Game this Winter!

Style & Fashion Blogger ChanyD gives you the scoop on her fabulous selection of boots that will make your outfit go from zero to "slay-hero" in seconds!

By ChanyD

Yikes! It’s Winter! Hello dry skin, eczema, chapped lips, junk food overload and … oh wait 😯 …there is light at the end of this “Winter Tunnel” … flippen amazing and
stylish boots to cheer up my drab winter mood 😎

I must admit and you all probably know by now that I am a shoe addict just like my Mama. I love shoes but am very fussy about the styles that I wear. I don’t just go for something that is in style, I choose according to my likes,comfort and personal style.

I have countless pairs of boots which are in storage so I don’t think I’m going to be getting them this Winter. (not sad at all as all my new pairs are stunners as well!).

For me I am really vibing towards the ankle boot this season.


Here are my 5 top picks:

Metallic Boots are the shizzel babe: The epitome of style, fashion and flippen genius. Metallic Boots have caught my attention and will definitely be spotted on my feet this boot season. If you want to step out in style and create a fashion buzz, these boots should be your number 1 choice. Don’t just buy the most expensive ones, shop around for sales. Metallic boots take an outfit from drab to fab in minutes!



Heels give me the feels darling: If you want to be a woman who creates a statement, then you gotta heel the boot honey! Flat boots are casual. Depending on the event you’re attending you should choose your heeled boots wisely. For me I can go hours in heels provided that I have my flats in the car. Boots with heels are the in-thing babe! Believe me when I say you will feel good wearing them, you will make a fashion statement and well let’s get everyone talking about your heel candy honey!


Slay the color honey: Interesting enough I have noticed that this Winter there’s a pop of bright colors in most stores. Thank God for that! I am obsessed! Brightly colored boots are so me! The brighter the color the more you can play with fashion. The thing about brightly colored boots is that it must be paired with an outfit that is not too eye-catching. So,slim down the outfit and make your feet do the walking,talking and screaming in those pop of color boots! Believe me you will thank me!


Pointed Tips for my Queens: Pointed tipped boots are my personal preference this season. Not only do they scream style but they are quite comfy as well. Some women have this misconception that these won’t be comfortable. You gotta try them to know honey. They are super stylish,have this certain kinda “I know my shoes slay” vibe. Go get them & flippen slay them!


Choose right for your body type: All women are different and our body types differ as well. I often get women complain to me about a certain heel that she thinks wont suit her. For me personally, I choose pencil heels because this is my style, but I would also recommend wedged heeled boots as they have become style icons in this crazy boot world. Wedged heels also make most women feel more secure as you know for sure you won’t trip and fall over. Fashionable boots are for everyone so whether you are a size zero or hundred,you have a fashionable right to slay anything you want darling!



Make sure you tag me or inbox me pictures of you strutting your stuff and swanking that ankle boot this Winter.

I will be waiting! 😉

N.B - All boots featured in this blog-post are my boots & pics!

Yours in stunner boots ...

ChanyD 💕