Pro your Pregnancy gorgeous Mama!

A piece written by South African Writer & Lifestyle Influencer on her personal pregnancy journey.

By ChanyD 🎀

From gross vomit with blady nothing in that vomit but saliva and phlegm to swollen happy manicured feet, this “pro your pregnancy” advice piece is jam-packed with all the juicy details of how to put on 11kgs of a gorgeous baby and still slay your belly out!

Hope you enjoy the read darling!

It’s a fabulous new year and well although it is still January, it feels like we need another vacation.

I am on leave again spending some much needed one-on-one quality time with my Sir MJ.

A little birdie whispered to me the other day that it is baby-making season again and I should share some pregnancy advice and tips.

At first I was like “pregnancy advice from me” honey? 😏 Are you sure you want my advice? Coz’ I just winged that whole damn process and did my own thing! But here it goes …😝

We are living in an age and time where there are so many people trying to get pregnant and can’t. So for the mamas that are fortunate enough to fall pregnant naturally, don’t ever take pregnancy like it’s something simple. To fall pregnant these days is such a blessing and to me is the best time in a woman’s life.

When I found out I was pregnant with my Sir MJ, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. After going through the entire process, I realized that it is actually a “piece of cake” if you have your head screwed on right!

I was never ever the dramatic preggy lady! I worked right until the day before. I trained my ass off. I ate right and stayed away from food that preggy women shouldn’t be eating. I never worried my husband with “made-up” cravings at midnight. (Cravings are real, I know but not at some unearthly hour babe). Yes, I had nausea even at malls but I handled my hustle and moved along. For me personally, I really enjoyed my pregnancy and yes I enjoyed it in heels as well at 37 weeks!

Every one is different and each woman’s experience differs but the goal is the same.

To deliver a healthy bundle of joy minus any complications.

So here are my super fab tips on how to pro your pregnancy …

1. Indulge in folic acid and prenatal vitamins:

I cannot stress how important these super pills play in a pregnancy. Off-course our bodies are unable to get all the nutrients it requires during pregnancy from food alone, so these pills assist in making sure you receive the correct amount of certain nutrients. I used the Preg Omega Plus & folic acid pills during my pregnancy and for a short while thereafter. Becomes habitual after taking for a couple of days.

2. My Preggy Diet :

The wake up call about pregnancy is that you are caring for another human being right there in your tummy. What food you eat will determine how well your baby grows. In most cases your doctor will let you have a tutorial of what foods to eat and what foods to stay away from. They also mention which foods are the grey areas. For me personally, I stuck to that & added some of my own healthy tasty tricks to my diet coupled with the odd cravings now and then.

3. Exercise your ass off honey:

A very controversial topic when it comes to pregnancy. Tradition says no, modern science says yes. So what do we do? The best person to advise you would definitely be your own Ob-Gyn. I got the go ahead and did my research on what exercises to avoid, what foods to eat before, during and after exercises & to be honest it was actually very soothing in a way. Yes, being 7 months preggy and in the weight section of the gym attracted a lot of stares but I don’t really see a problem with it, if you are with a gym partner, in a controlled environment with off-course light exercises.

4. Don’t “listen” to everything you “hear”:
Preggy women often get bombarded with the whole wide world’s advice, tips, do this, don’t do this , try this out, etc, it is so annoying and frustrating, it can actually depress & overwhelm you if you are not a strong woman. My advice: Nod and say thank you. Only do what you want to do. Believe me when I say the motherly instinct comes naturally. I never changed a diaper before my son nor did I even know how to carry a baby. A trick my husband & I did: My husband stayed with me in hospital as I will never sleep in a room alone lmao (funny but true), so we got a VIP room (Because Indian families are big and the entire family comes to hospital with like breyani and everything haha that’s so funny), for our new little family, which was off-course was flippen awesome. It had like everything, a lounge, a dining room, a bed for my hubby and all our guests could come anytime and stay for however long they wanted to. So what we did was video the nurses bathing, feeding, carrying etc our baby, so if we were stuck when we went home, we had a video to go back to. (Yes! We are smart like that!)

5. Enjoy the journey:
Pregnancy actually goes by extremely fast. Lots of women miss being pregnant. Bear in mind that whilst you are pregnant you are granted certain benefits that normal folk don’t get. I remember being like 5 or 6 months pregnant and being asked to not follow a queue at a store, A till was opened for me to just come through. How cool? So amidst all the weight gain, nausea, heartburn, hunger attacks and swollen feet, just be cool and have fun. This journey is special and granted as a blessing to not everyone, so be grateful.

6. Plan In Advance:
So because pregnancy moves along so fast and before you know it out pops your kid, it’s a good idea to plan in advance. Come up with a game plan that obviously would suit you and your lifestyle the best and start preparing for it. From finding the right nanny to what washing powder and pegs to use for your baby's clothes, make sure everything is sorted. For me I am very particular with my stuff and space in general, so when it came to my baby’s stuff, one can only imagine! His clothes were all washed and packed away separately according to months. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, wait until your baby comes and the paed forces you to breastfeed. My advice, even if you plan on breastfeeding, take your own bottle, formula and sterilizer to hospital just in case things don’t work out. Believe me you don’t want to use the hospital’s bottle for your newborn baby.

7. Pack that damn hospital bag:
You will be given a list of what to take to hospital for you and your baby. Off-course I am extra so I added my own stuff. The best way is to zip-lock baby’s outfits per day, make sure you have like a vest, an outfit, a hat, etc and take extra socks and mittens, (newborn babies scratch their faces as their nails are long), even zip-lock the toiletries. Label each packet. Please make sure you pack extra linen savers! Thank me later honey 😏

8. You control your birthing plan
The golden rule is that you and your doctor are on the same page. For me personally, my doctor was this super cool young guy that understood me well. So I didn’t even need to think about anything. Medicine is modern and who has time for a normal birth these days? Hahaha So, I was like : C-section, own private room, not feeding breast-milk, epidural, physio , baby sleeps with me in my room. To be honest knowing what you want is actually a big help to the medical personnel on duty on the actual day.

9. A glam nursery or not:
Well it depends on personal preference I guess but for us we opted to prepare for a baby’s room our way. We stripped down one of the rooms in our house, which was next to ours like everything from walls to removing the laminates & cupboards. We went for comfort & cosy with a touch of fabulous off-course. From the carpet you choose to the burglar guard on the window everything has to be baby-proof and kid-friendly. Depending on where in SA you live, for us in Johannesburg, we had to make sure we have under-floor heating in the nursery for the cold Winter. Cosmetic décor, cribs and stuff come in only at the very end. My advice is that if you are going for brands that are big overseas and not here in SA, try to order in advance. Planning and setting up a nursery is flippen hard work.

10. Pregnancy is not a sickness :
Yes, pregnancy does take a toll on your body and there are so many hormonal & physical changes which can make preggy women cranky. But honey, please don’t make pregnancy a sickness. It’s a beautiful & happy time in your life, embrace every obstacle. When you have nausea – vomit with class haha , when you have heartburn- have that gaviscon in style like me. I used to put the sachets in the fridge/freezer, try it, thank me later! We even kept spare ones in the different office fridges at work. If you have to attend a wedding whilst being 9 months preggy, rock that outfit darling in heels too if you can!

The truth is we are living in a time and age where you make your life work. There are opportunities for everyone and everyone has a choice. So choose your pregnancy journey wisely. Be like me … choose fun and glamour. Believe me you will never go wrong.

Yours in tiny bow ties 💙 (yes my designer can make them😎) and head bands … 💓

Sir MJ’s Mama … ChanyD 💋