Baby Bright Stars' Kerri Webb shares her "Medical Box" must-haves!

So our little boy Sir MJ attends Baby Brights Stars Kayalami Estates which has been such a blessing to us and our baby.

If you haven't heard about this well known early childhood academy, you got to go check them out

They offer baby classes from as little as 2 months old with a parent off course and believe me when I say these classes are "the shizzel".

That's our Baby Bright Star Sir MJ at class πŸ’‹

I will definitely do a more in-depth review about our experience with Kerri Webb at Baby bright Stars Kayalami Estates soon. She's the best πŸ’―

If you have a little one, I cannot express how important it is to have your own personal medical box ... in fact, after having a baby most of us end up with our own little "pharmacy" at home.

Here's some great medical box must-haves from Kerri Webb's pad to yours:

  1. Empaped suppositories for fever (125mg under 1yr, 250mg over 1yr). The fever breaks almost immediately.

  2. Nose Freda - nasal suction bought from Dischem. Try doing it after bath time when the nose is very runny. Use with Baby Sterimar.

  3. Iliadin nose drops - use the minute you see a runny nose but only use for 5 days. When they turn 1yr get the older drops as the baby drops don't work.

  4. If the nose is still running after 5 days of iliadin then try Flixonase

  5. Glycerin suppositories for constipation. Can also use Lacson

  6. Try get a bottle of Celestamine syrup (needs a script). Great for runny noses.

  7. Remember to alternate Calpol/Panado (Paracetamol) and Nurofen (Ibuprofen) if you want to give fever meds often. They can be alternated every 2 hours. Otherwise only the 1 type every 4 hours.

  8. Always have Burnshield on hand to cover any burns etc. Put one in your car.

  9. Always have Allergex. Put a bottle in your nappy bag in case you out and little one gets a bee sting. If there is a bad reaction it will give you some time to get to emergency.

  10. Always have Bactroban.

  11. Always have Nystacid ointment for any thrush bums etc

  12. Prodol for teething is the best!

  13. Off-course you got to check with your paed first before giving your little one any of the medication mentioned above.

Let us have your comments and thoughts on your medical box must-haves ... we love to share ideas!

Yours in #MyMamaTales