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A real life experience piece by South African Writer & Lifestyle Blogger ChanyD on her beautiful experiences whilst flying with her kid.

By ChanyD ✈️

This is a must read for all nervous parents , expectant parents , new parents and parents who currently fly with kids.

If you know me well, you would know I’m a very open-minded person who is always on a mission. I try to save time as much as I can and for me personally flying with my baby from the tender age of just 4 months old helped us a lot in saving time and well making more money!

Yes , off-course I got the talk about flying with a little baby and did all my research on the pros and cons , but let me be the first to advise you that flying with a kid is actually , “ a piece of cake”.

My son Milan Jude Theophilus Dasrath aka Sir MJ is 2 years and 4 months old and has flown countless times nationally and even did one trip overseas. Because our first trip with him overseas went so well, we are actually going again soon.

I must admit flying has become so exciting over the months and is now a much anticipated affair. We plan and count the days well in advance and make it fun fun fun!😎

This cool youtube video caught my attention a few weeks ago and is a must watch for all eager parents travelling with kid/s …

Because we fly with our boy so often , he has this obsession with planes and pilots. We even themed his 2nd bday party PLANES and yes the cake was an aeroplane and the invite a boarding pass (first class mind you).

His love for flying and airplanes has become so exciting that we never ever have to worry about anything.

Look everyone is different and experiences differ , but I can assure you that if you follow my real life tips , flying with your kid/s will be “childs play” for you as well.

Flying with an infant means that you will be carrying your baby , most airlines offer you an extra seatbelt for your kid. This is an option if you want to use it. For me personally, I didn’t use it as I always wanted my baby to be comfortable and free.

Make sure you carry your child’s birth certificate , both parents identity documents and fyi some airlines just use your medical aid card. (Always enquire first).

Cotton wool balls are a must in our packing for the flight bag. Off-course our naughty little scamp always takes it out, but this helps with the pressure for the ears.

Please make sure your baby is “sucking “ during take-off and landing as this assists big time with the ears as well. For us, we either gave him his dummy or made him his bottle.

Another trick is to change your baby’s nappy just before getting onto the plane, this helps with baby being comfortable throughout the flight.

We carry all his favourite toys and make sure his favourite nursery rhymes are downloaded and easily accessible on both our phones if we are flying together. If not , one phone and one iPad. Make sure all devices are fully charged.

Another top tip is to make sure your baby is dressed comfortably for the flight. It tends to get very hot in planes so comfort for your little one is key. For us we were lucky and blessed that our kid almost never cried whilst in the plane itself.

He did cry a little once but that was a blunder on our side where we lost his flask,but found it eventually,haha yes we couldn’t find the flask! Bad parenting? Nah … These things happen!

I must admit flying alone with my baby has been such an awesome experience. I will never forget the good samaritans on a flight once from OR Tambo International to King Shaka International.

So the flight was delayed and I had to stand in a line with my baby’s bag and our travel documents whilst carrying a sleeping baby. Thank God for my super strong legs and all my “leg day” weight training!

It was a Friday afternoon so the airport was packed,no seats to even sit. I always tell my husband that being fit has been a big help for the both of us when we are walking in airports carrying bags and our baby.

So after waiting in the line I had to take a bus to the plane. I got on and the kind people that were close to me surrounded me, one helped with my travel documents,and everyone around me assured me not to worry! "You are welcome to fall on us when the bus takes its surprising turns", they said. I will never forget my experience that day. Such good human beings! Yes good people do exist & strangers too nogal!

Carried my stuff all the way into the plane and even complimented me on my strength on my calves and feet for being able to balance.

One gentleman even asked me if I surf as I balanced myself so well whilst carrying a sleeping baby on a very bumpy bus ride.

Most folk in aeroplanes are friendly and understanding when you travel with kid/s. They try their best to make you comfortable and play with the baby. We as parents often over think that people in general are not understanding but let me just enlighten you that most passengers are very helpful and normal people who are just like you and I.

The staff on most airlines are professional,friendly and always willing to help. I did have one air-hostess who was not helpful once on a domestic flight but hey you get some people like that you just got to chin up and make your own experience a happy one.

For most of our domestic flights we use travelstart which is our first go to for amazing deals and off-course their variety and comparisons of the different flights attracts us. Check out this cool link (Click on link)

When it comes to flying international,our flying experience has been so delightful. We flew with Emirates which already screams comfort and professionalism on another level. When travelling with kid/s overseas it is always an awesome idea to not take connecting flights. I got that tip from an awesome friend who jets off around the world with her baby too all the time!

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I love that when flying with emirates they give you preference when travelling with babies and kids. It is such a help actually. My Sir MJ’s experience on emirates was a real wow.

He loved every second on the plane as he was entertained throughout.

He received cool toys,took a fantastic picture of him and they give you the actual photo,they give you personalised food labels on your food. Not forgetting the entertainment channels available for kids.

My smart 2 year old is very tech savvy and loved listening to his favourite kiddie movies through the earphones.

He also received such a cool teddy bear and blanket – his entire experience was very exciting.

Yes , we did take him for nappy changes which was easy and yes I did take him on walks in the plane just so he didn’t get bored.

His eager mind and nose for news like his mama and love for aviation obviously plays a big role in making his travel fun-filled all the time.

He even has an airplane suitcase which by the way even got the pilots coming to us and admiring the bag.

We love flying so much and because it’s a piece of cake for us … we are getting ready for another overseas trip with our boy off-course.

I really believe that parents should not stress about flying with kid/s. If you are as cool as a cucumber , your kid will get that vibe and be even cooler.

So next time you fly with your kid/s make it fun and fab like us.

We put on our coolest gear which yes includes very comfy sneakers and well the rest is a real kaleidoscope of fun,excitement, laughter,admiring God’s creation of the breathtaking skies that’s like Heaven itself and enjoying the ride.

I must also add that we make flying so much of fun that my 2 year old laughs when we touch down and loves the adrenaline of take off.

We always advise all our friends, family and the countless of people that we influence to ... travel with your kids and make memories with them!

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They have been so gracious to give us their top tips as well.

As always , I hope that my personal "my cuppa tea" journeys impact,encourage,advise and educate you.

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