Let’s talk β€œLabel Collections"... The Nadia Turton way!

A Fashion-Fix piece by South African Writer & Fashion Guru ChanyD where she chats to Nadia Turton Founder of Label Collections.


Fashion has always been an interest of mine and online shopping has definitely taken over my world.(Who has time to spend hours at malls these days?πŸ˜… Definitely not me!)

I enjoy certain luxuries in the fashion world and the one thing I am obsessed with is an online store that offers luxury and quality coupled with chic and comfortable garments.πŸ‘Œ Now that’s a winner in my book.πŸ’―

I came across Label Collections a few months ago and fell in love with their effortless designs and the friendly persona of Nadia Turton. πŸ‘

Talk about garments that are exquisite,stylish,well-priced and polished to make you look good whether you're rushing off to a meeting or having cocktails after that meeting. Label Collections is the online store that has definitely caught my "fashion" eye!πŸ’ž

Hope you enjoy my short chit-chat with the gorgeous lady behind this superb brand!

Off-course I got all the juice! I’m ChanyD after all! If it involves the love for fabrics,fashion and design...I am all for that world!😍

Enjoy dolls!🌷


  1. Please introduce yourself
    I am Nadia Turton, founder and creative of LABEL Collections.

  2. Label Collections - That's such a unique name , please tell us more about the name?

It started when we had to do our final year Business plan and I named the company LABEL, the LABEL that you want to be wearing. It was about 18 years ago and how times and trends have changed. Then it was all about the labels and brand names. I think now it is more about brand ethics and what a brand stands for. Consumers are more conscious about what they are buying, where it is made, who made it and the story behind the brand. LABEL Collections is about integrity, about sustainability, we make garments for longevity not landfill.

  1. Your Merchandise is absolutely beautiful ...clean and polished for the everyday modern woman. How do you choose what items to sell at your store?

Thank you for the compliment and love for our design esthetic. All the garments in LABEL Collections is designed by me and manufactured in Cape Town. The most challenging part is to eliminate garments which simply do not match our brand ethos and values 100%, which is always chic and comfortable, reflecting the confidence and versatility of our global customer.

  1. I love the fact that you include accessories amongst other lovely staples in your store … please give a brief description of the accessories you have available?

The accessories are sourced globally when we travel, I love finding unique pieces that will compliment the current pieces in store.

  1. I am most interested in Bellabeat? Tell me more …

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  1. How does one purchase?

Purchase online at www.labelcollections.com

  1. Are u a strictly online store?

Yes we are only selling online, but do supply independent boutiques country wide.

  1. How has the response been from South African women in terms of purchasing and feedback of garments?

We have built up a loyal following since the brand was launched 10 years ago. We are very grateful for each and every customer and would not be here today if it was not for them.

  1. Are there any future plans to include mens & kids wear?

Very clever questions - that is one of the reasons we named the business LABEL Collections. We are hoping to branch out to men's wear and kids wear in the near future.

  1. Any advice for aspiring up and coming business woman?


  1. Fashion tricks for my gorgeous readers?

Invest in great quality pieces that will last you years as apposed to fast fashion,

Invest in pieces that are versatile, can be dressed up or down and layered,

Trendy accessories is a great way to update your existing wardrobe.

  1. Any plans for a pop up shop in Jozi soon?

LABEL Collections would love to do a Pop Up in JHB! Let us know when and where you'll have us and we'll be there.


My gorgeous readers! If you are a woman who is always looking for outfits that are unique and creates that certain kind of "wow" look ...then you gotta head on over to www.labelcollections.com and browse through this super cool online store.

Thank me later honey!πŸ˜‰

Yours in flippen hottt fashion … always!

ChanyD πŸ’‹