“ I’m not on a mission to be skinny , I’m on a mission to be healthy “

By Chantelle Dasrath

If you are one of those people that think being skinny is the “in thing” right now then you are sadly mistaken.

Yes , every supermodel is as skinny as a surf board and looks like a million bucks but that’s because being skinny is the most important requirement for their job.

As much as we see all these gorgeous models on the covers of magazines, social media and television with the perfect figures , let me be the first to tell you, that these models also lead very healthy and dedicated lifestyles.

Want to fit in the crowd ? Rather try a healthy lifestyle , this will benefit you both on the inside and outside of your body.

Leading a healthy lifestyle means your confidence levels increase drastically, you sleep better , your mood is always on par , your body gets the nutrients it needs , reduces risk of sickness and the list actually goes on.

How does one lead this so called healthy lifestyle?

The human mind is very powerful. How you think determines your actions.

The human mind can be trained to do anything. If you are one that wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, you've got to believe it in your mind first!

I remember about 2 years ago when I put on approximately 11kgs during my pregnancy , I was determined to lose the fat as soon as my baby popped out.

Seeing other women struggle with losing weight after having a baby made me abit nervous and scared. I often wondered why women in general keep the baby weight only to realise after my own personal experience that when you are pregnant you are eating for two, I used to chow so much during my pregnancy that when I had my baby it became habitual.

I had to train my mind to stop eating for two and get back to my normal self. Instead of having 2 slices of a sandwich , I had to get back to eating just one. I had to say a big NO NO to sweets , chocolates and all the delicious cravings.

Exercise is not a part of our world, it is our world.

In our house , as soon as you say the word “exercise” my gorgeous 1 and a half year old baby jumps to the ground and starts doing pushups and even starts breathing heavily (mimics his father) , that’s because he watches/ learns from us and wants to be included in what we do.

What you put in is what you get out?

There's a saying “what you eat in private, shows itself in public" Such truth!

Everyone loves food and the human body needs food for sustenance, but like anything else too much of anything is not good for the human body.

Gluttony and greediness are a real put off in our house, I am not afraid to tell you to please respect your body and not over indulge on food and snacks.

If you are visiting us un-announced , you will probably pick up some fruit or protein bars as a snack or we could offer you some steamed veggies , with fillet chicken/fish and basmati rice (which my son and hubby love).

Train your mind to eat modestly , eat less junk food more healthy food.

If you feel hungry after a meal have a fruit or a salad.

Here’s some quick healthy living swag from my pad to yours :

Water is KING – Drink loads of it ,
Lemon Water is even better – helps reduce the risk of sicknesses and plays a role in weight-loss ,
Green veggies are life ,
Berries are the shizzel – any fruit that ends in “berry, berries” are a big YES YES
Try our super foods – broccoli , fresh fish , chicken , nuts , & wait for it … we are biltong addicts :)

Seen above are some healthy snacks that we love to nibble on at our home.

Share your thoughts with me.