Gimme "SUMMA" That!

My Summer Secrets revealed By Chantelle Dasrath

Don't sit glum this Summer! Get with the times and join the summer fever! It's going to be epic ... I promise!

Hello Summer!🌞 I love you Summer!😍 Please stay longer!😜

Summer Vibes are taking over my world! Literally!🌻

If you are acquainted with me on a personal level, you would know by now that I am so a Summer babe!

I love the sun,the warmth,the fun,the whole summer vibe is so “my cuppa tea”. It's a happy season. No drama , no chaos, just chilled vibes! Aaaah the joys of this beautiful season.💛

So I recently enjoyed a week's leave in the sunny city of Durbs and believe me the December vibe has already started there!💃

I love Durban! I mean who doesn't?😁

I thought I would share my summer body secrets and some summer fashion must-haves with you guys.

So you all know I am a big believer of eating healthy and making sure everyone is well taken care of.

Yes!Even during the holidays!

I think in summer it’s important to keep hydrated during this happy season as the humidity and sun can really turn your summer fun around. 💦💦💦

Here's some fun & chilled Summer Eating Tips straight outta my holiday food bag:🍴

-Drink loads of water,a fun summer cocktail wouldn’t hurt🍹 (Only virgin cocktails for me thanks),but overload on liquids especially if you're out for the day. Pack some bottled water, you really can't go wrong with h20 darling.

-Did someone say summer fruit? Not only are they colorful & pretty but they sure are yummy and healthy as well!
Enjoy all the summery fruit,there’s so many to choose from. My personal favorites are off-course the lychee💯, the pineapples🍍, the mangoes & the cherries🍒. I actually don't eat watermelon🍉, yikes! I know! Like the whole of SA eats watermelon during this period! Haha not me!

- Keep it simple with summer food!Breyani on the beach - Yes I'm Indian but no thank you! Bite size finger food suits everyone especially if you are on holiday.
I personally stay away from heavy meals whilst on holiday,especially rice. A roll or a sandwich,mini burgers,a small quick on the go salad and a summer ice-cream will def do the trick!🍦

- Treats! Yes it is "treats season" but I mean c'mon!My poor kid gets bombarded with flippen sweets & chocolates from everyone! It's so annoying! Who came up with the idea that you got to offer a kid sweets? Why not offer a fruit or some food? My option would be to... yes indulge but in smaller quantities definitely! Instead of 2 eat 1!🍫

- Cut down on the damn carbs🍞after 5pm! Add more protein🍗🍖 to your meal! Just do it & you will be kissing my toes!

Again, I must stress that these are merely just guideline to some of my eating habits and plans for Summer.Implement this with some easy exercises, you don't even have to be at the gym. Take the stairs at malls instead of the elevator & escalator. Add in small things that make a difference in the long run & believe me you will see a change in your mindset and the way you consume anything edible.

When it comes to Summer Fashion , those flippen vibes are already making me smile.😊💓 Eish,I can't wait for the holidays again!

My Closet Tips would definitely be ...

- I am totally crushing over distressed denim shorts & capri pants! I mean did you see the gorgeous styles & fits. Yaaay!I am in love. I love the fact that it can be worn casual & smart casual.So feeling these ripped denim flavors right now!😻

-Darling! I hope you are also obsessed with these colourful kimonos & kaftans that are taking over the flippen fashion world in SA right now!They are so pretty , add so much of spunk to an outfit & believe me when I say "heads are flippen turning". Whether you're at the beach in a bikini👙 or at a posh👗event somewhere,these colourful floral babies are the in thing right now! Do yourself a favor and get your gorgeous body into one of those! Thank me later honey!😏 My Personal Shopper babe just dropped off my 3 latest additions.😘 Will definitely post pics of them on my social media handles.

- A trendy cap or hat👒 is always a great idea during Summer. Not only will it protect from the sun but will add some style to your summer slay ensembles. There's so many to choose from. I would keep it simple with just a cap or a straw hat - no drama going on around the hat or on the hat.

- Yes flowers are blooming everywhere! Even in the fashion world. Florals are in. Be careful not to "over-wear"🚫🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼🚫florals. One piece of a floral item on an outfit is perfect. Like just the top or the bottom, don't go head to toe floral!😝 My gay friends will be killing you for that!😂 I love my gay friends & their fashion senses.✔️The goal is not to be a bouquet💐, but to be a flower🌸 in that bouquet.

- Well hello flip-flops👣. I actually wear them throughout the year! I love the fact that you can't actually slip whilst wearing them.💯 I am loving the brands they come in and yes the colours.
It's just flip-flop season, adds that "chill" factor to the outfit. I buy them anytime just so I have like flippen hundred pairs to choose from during Summer haha.🙈

- Aaaah my fav! Sunnies!😎 I live in these whenever I am outdoors as I have a problem with my eyes when it's too bright and sunny or too cloudy. Sounds weird but true. So over the years I have collected let's just say "some pretty cool sunglasses". This summer I am loving the metallic shades and the colourful ones.
Shades are so in right now!😍 For me personally, I am extremely habitual so if I like a brand and am comfortable with a certain product, I get it in every color. But you can get sunglasses anywhere. They are so versatile & just add so much of attitude to an outfit. You gotta get some this Summer.

- Don't overdo the jewelry & accessories.🚫 Keep it simple.🅱🆒 You are on holiday.
I just go with a simple stud earring,a leg-chain and a watch on most days during Summer.

- Minimize the makeup please!😀Enjoy this season. Don't cake your face with foundation. Simple,clean makeup is the way especially coz’ it’s boiling outside. I am loving the different pink lip colors this season. I have attached a pic for you of a few of my summer lip colors. I am going for pinks and some nudes.

Have fun with Summer clothes, keep it simple & make sure you slay! Make sure your summer packing is simple with a touch of that inner diva!I know my suitcase will be leaving OR Tambo very light! Enjoy your Summer gorgeous people & make sure you tag me when strutting around in your summer outfits!

Yours in super sizzln' summer vibes …
ChanyD 😉🌼💜👌