Don't be a "Winter" person this snowflake season!

By Chantelle Dasrath

The cold season is already upon us and has without a doubt graced us with a bang here in Johannesburg and other cities as well.

If you’re feeling hot this time of the year , you either have high-blood pressure or could be preggy. Let’s just hope it’s the latter.

I’m so not a winter person, I love the sun, the warmth and the happy summer season.

Winter is also the season for all the colds and flus. A mum’s worst nightmare especially if your kid is at school.

My son attends baby school on Saturdays and I know how just a runny nose from a school friend can get so contagious that by the time we reach home, Milan already has that runny nose.

Here’s 10 smart tricks on how we beat the Winter chill for our baby Milan :

  1. We try and use Sterimar throughout the year for our boy every now and then just a squirt up each nostril is completely harmless as it is salt water – saline ,
  2. We also make sure his nose , nose area and mouth is always kept clean ,
  3. We practise washing our hands – actually we have OCD for this, as soon as we enter our home everyone washes their hands. We also practice this with everyone who takes care of Milan.
  4. We use warm boiled water with a couple of pinches of salt and cotton balls to wipe Milan’s face during baths and whenever we enter the house ,
  5. We keep his feet , hands and head warm especially if we are out of the house at night ,
  6. We make sure Milan is well hydrated during Winter , water is always a good idea ,you could also have orange juice ,
  7. We are Indian and like every other race, we do use our grandmother's home remedies once in a while,when modern medicine fails – we crush 1 x cube of camphor , add in some clove , tie in a small cloth and attach to Milan’s clothes , it really does work wonders for clearing the nasal passage.
  8. Citrus is always a good idea, especially during Winter , we all love it and it makes a fun , messy and tasty snack for the entire family ,
  9. A warm mist humidifier is a good investment and does wonders for babies during this time ,
  10. Lastly , having your paeds number on speed dial will help you especially after hours.

Share some of your home remedies with me.

XOXO ... ChanyD