Babe ... Boss Your Own Damn Bod This 2018!

An opinion piece by South African Writer & Lifestyle Blogger Chanyd on her personal " shock your body" tricks.

So,it’s a fabulous new year and most of us have had an incredible holiday. For me personally,I have had 3 amazing holidays with incredible people... but I must admit my body did take a good beating from the different climates,food,partying,literally no sleeping,etc.Thank God I don't consume alcohol.Did you know that calories in alcohol are extra-fattening? (Go read up about it when you have a mo).

I haven’t even stood on a scale as yet to check what happened over the holidays … mind you there was a scale in my hotel room hahaha. Everywhere I go I get people asking me for tips and ideas on how to lose some weight and stay on par throughout the year. I always say that for me I understand my body, I know what to consume when and how to do it and so this helps me a lot when decisions are being made on what to eat etc. I haven’t been in a gym for a couple of weeks but I still control what goes into my mouth. Holidays just put your entire routine off and well sometimes I feel our bodies need the shock of some unhealthy food-funny but true!

I have given out some meal plans already for the year and well I need to start my own. If you know me well, you would know I never ever keep a diet/meal plan. I know what food works for me and my lifestyle and I stick to them. I am very habitual so I hardly ever try out new things. I stick to what I use as it works for me, I snip here and there as I go along & I master the craft of weight-loss for my body.

So for all my readers,friends and family that have asked me to dish out some tips,here it goes :

How to boss your own damn body? 💗

The main idea is to understand your body and do what suits you and your body the best. Don’t please the world. Make your own life comfortable and you will enjoy every bit of it. The golden rule is what works for one person will not necessarily work for you.

When it comes to clothes, I have mastered what looks suit my body and I stick to them only. I don’t just use a top because it is in style. If I feel something doesn’t suit me,I will never wear it.Example:Those tops that are in style now with the big sleeves and shoulders showing.You will never find me in one. Simply because it’s too much going on in one top. Wear clothes that suit your body. For me personally, I go for colors, styles,fabrics and accessories that slim the main areas of my body.

The belly/tummy fat – Tummy exercises are off-course the best to do and saying no to delicious food to stay lean, but hey we are all human. My trick : Most days my tummy is tucked away neatly behind an inside top, (I use them so often they are literally part of my underwear). It slims your look instantly and is very comfortable. I taught many girls that trick and believe me when I say it works. Message me for deets on the ones that I wear and I dont mind sharing. (Perhaps I could do a giveaway to one lucky reader).

I always try to look for the healthiest option when picking out food for the day.

Even with the little things, like sugar for your tea, juices etc – make good decisions. I keep away from juices as they are packed with so much of sugar. Try making your own juice – a much healthier option.

Soft drinks : Yes very difficult to stay away from,so I only drink coke zero (not coke light) if needed. Even my 2 year old knows Mama will have diet coke/pepsi. For my son who obviously loves soft drinks as well – I dilute it with water. Believe me when I say my kid is 2 years old & knows how to spell the word WATER because of how many times we spell the word for it to be diluted with stuff in our home. It is actually a joke and definitely takes people by surprise. Please do not stuff your kid/s with soft drinks,juices and chocolates like it is going out of fashion. People need to practice moderate & modest eating habits with their kids as well.

Sweet stuff : Try your best to stay away from chocolates,sweets,sweet biscuits etc. If you need something sweet,have a fruit that just might be a healthier option.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all important meals. Eat on time. Stay away from carbs after lunch time.

Water : World’s best drink! Drink as much as you can each day. Add some lemon juice to it and you will thank me later.

Exercise : My advice for exercise is to always do things that suit you and your lifestyle. Don’t please the world and run on a treadmill because the whole world is running on one. You will never see me running on a treadmill. I do what my body can handle only. Do what is best for your own body. Your body is your own advertisement,take care of it,feed it the correct food,water it the proper way and believe me you will see the best results.

My husband and I live by the “ what you eat in private shows in public” ideal. We are both not afraid to reprimand each other if and when necessary.

So hit the gym,eat the correct food,laugh a lot and most importantly be a good human this 2018.

I will be sharing some fitness tricks and healthy eating options with you guys whenever I get a gap to post.

Back to that gorgeous place called gym tomorrow and if time allows me , I might just post something "sweaty".

For now ,respect your beautiful bodies and make sure you “Boss Your Bod this 2018”

Yours in fitness always …

Picture taken from my super cool photo-shoot in Dubai!

ChanyD 🌺