Let's just spill out the secrets! Living Life ... The TK Way!

An all exclusive & interesting interview with my Fashion-Designer Pal who works his magic with gorgeous fabrics and inspiration from his surroundings.✨✨✨

By Chantelle Dasrath

A few things interest me in life and one of them is without a doubt...FASHIONπŸ’œ

When I met this Fashion King for the 1st time through a mutual friend,I knew right away that we would clickπŸ‘Œ

His style,his personality,his fashion sense off-course & his hair at the time caught my attention.

The city of Johannesburg is for sure the city of gold in SA & Thokozani Mbatha Aka TK has definitely been making waves ... "fashion & style" waves off-course!πŸ’―

Not only has he modelled and acted,but this "Jack of all trades", good-looking,fabulous fashionista is now slaying the fashion world & guess what?

My cuppa Tea with ChanyD has the inside scoop on the glamorous TK himself. Pssst - We got the juice!βœ”οΈπŸ˜πŸŒŸ

  1. Who is TK ?Thokozani Mbatha - a real farm boy from Estcourt , KZN.

  2. What do you do? Fashion Designer - Lloyd Hot Sense

  3. What does fashion mean to you? Being unique, Be yourself,Be different.

  4. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years time?Take it as it comes. I am open to try new things.

  1. Relationship Status : Taken

  2. Relationship Preference: Open-Minded.

  3. Do you have any kid/s?Yes I have a cute little bouncy baby boy. I am building an empire so he can take over.

  4. Share 1 fun fact about yourself - I talk a lot!

  1. Who inspires you? My Mum , she taught me to have patience and things will work out.

  2. Where does your love for fashion come from? It all started when I was a kid. I always wanted to be different and "design my own clothes" for colour clothes day at school. I recall cutting my jeans and my mum hiding the scissors away from me.

  3. Where do you get your inspiration from? Everything around me, architecture , the atmosphere and my surroundings.

  4. My million dollar question ... Who is Khanyi Mbau to you? Hahaha she's my soul sister πŸ˜‰

Not only a stylish person but this fashion guru has a heart of gold and his personality is magnetic!

I love working with him for my garments as he attentively listens to you,your requests,adds his magic & gives you an outfit that screams FABULOUS!

Fashion is part of your brand and your brand is who you are...so keep slaying!

Yours in all things fashion ...

ChanyD πŸ’ž