An Exclusive chat with the gorgeous, talented & humble LeeAnne Dlamini! 😉

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By Chantelle Dasrath

Let me introduce you to a woman that takes the damn award for being the ultimate role-model and for uplifting other women no-mater what their way of life is.

Not only a pretty face with a flippen fabulous bod! This gorgeous “super-woman” has taken over in such a dynamic way that her social media followers are obsessed by her compassion and kindness for people and women in general.

She is “ Thee Total Package” and I believe that many women including myself look up to her as she is not afraid to show you how to be an empowered woman no matter what!

Check out my sizzln' interview with Lee Dlamini where she spills the beans on how she runs her hectic & fabulous life!

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  • Please introduce yourself: LeAnne Dlamini - Wife, Mom, Boss. Singer /Songwriter and the founder of Women For Women/End Girl Hate.

  • What is the End Girl Hate Campaign? EGH is a movement that i started that's dedicated to supporting, uplifting,encouraging and empowering women and girls through sisterhood.

  • When did it start? It launched officially in April 2015

  • How has it impacted women as a whole? I think it's impacted women and girls in a great way. Besides encouraging women to have a different mindset of how we treat one another and interact with each other,we aim to empower women as a whole which is what we've started doing with our Masterclass series. Taking care of our needs holistically. And we've seen some incredible results of women who have taken the lessons they have learnt and went on to start their own businesses and organizations.

  • How has the response been from people? It's been incredible. It's actually been quite overwhelming because ultimately all our message boils down to is Sisterhood and being kind and people have really responded well to it so its been amazing.

  • What events do you have to promote sisterhood? We host Sisterhood / Networking brunches and events. As well as Masterclasses, Conferences and self defense classes for women and children.

  • Being a celeb , you have always and continue to treat people with so much of respect and kindness which says a lot about your personality & character , how do you react to criticism as a whole? This industry has taught me to develop really thick skin,if i allow everything people say to me to affect me i would be in a mental institution by now :) Besides, my worth is found in God and not the opinions of others.

  • What advice can you give to women on following their dreams? Just start. Start before you're ready. Just be bold and brave and stop overthinking things. Change your mindset and start thinking positively. Every time you have a negative thought,hit back at that thought with the positive " What if i fall? But what if i fly?" You can do it,but you need to start believing and putting in the work.

  • Being a mum and wife , how do you manage to keep it all together? With a great support system. No one can do anything by themselves. My husband,my mom and our nanny are my saving grace. Scheduling also helps a great deal but a great support system gets me through.

  • You are a role model to countless of women around the globe because of how you support them , are more celebs getting the drift and joining in? Absolutely. There are many celebs who have been supporting women and girls for ages,they just haven't been very vocal about it,but there are women who have already been doing it. To answer your question,more women are getting involved which is amazing!

  • Is End Girl Hate international? How has the response been? EGH is officially global and we are so proud of how much our baby has grown. We have a branch in Botswana as well as Canada which just launched this past Saturday. The response has been amazing. Can't wait to see where we go next.

  • How can more women join in and get involved? They can sign up for our newsletter on our site and we'll keep them updated that way. We're also currently working on a volunteer program for our girls that will launch pretty soon.Your 5 quick tips for success ? - Think like you already are a success,mindset is everything. - Stay motivated - Think out the box,look for new ways to improve what you're already doing -

  • Your 5 beauty must-haves? - Anastacia Brow wiz; it's perfect for creating hair like strokes and perfect brows. - The Original Beauty Blender; for smooth,flawless foundation finish. - LA Girl Concealer; it's inexpensive and gives great coverage. - Clarins Beauty Balm ; brightens and tightens your skin and also works great as a primer before applying your makeup. -Benefit They're Real Mascara - makes your lashes look incredible.

  • Your favourite Bible verse? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.Philippians 4:13

  • Closing words ? My wish is for every woman and girl on the planet to know that they matter,they are worthy and together we can make the world a better place.

Dolls,keep a close eye out on my social media where I will be collaborating with my beautiful blogger friend at LeeAnne’s EGH GlamCon event for a fun day of beauty,entertainment,shopping and sisterhood!

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Women Empowerment at its best!👌

Yours in sisterhood!

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