About Me :

Hello & welcome to my personal blog.

Here’s 5 cool lines that best describes me:

  1. A real Cosmo chick with a little bit of gangster 😉
  2. Yes I am a Mrs. – been hitched 5 years now to the world’s most patient husband💏
  3. My Superpower = Mama to the power of 1 gorgeous boy: Sir MJ 👶
  4. People interest me especially little ones and older folk. 😍
  5. High-end fashion, fitness, celebrities, spirituality and being a good human are my addictions.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Blog:

Since writing is my forte and I literally have a “nose for news” … I would like to create a fun-filled lifestyle blog for an array of different people.

From overworked mamas who run the damn show at homes to CEO’s of large enterprises, here you will find some tips & insights to a kaleidoscope of trends that are “My Cuppa Tea”.

Watch this space in my blogosphere world for exciting competitions & giveaways, well-informed reviews, fashion updates, fitness tricks, surprise interviews, top-class collaborations and off course the latest with what’s going in our rainbow nation.

Thank you for visiting my world!

Hope you enjoy my journey!💗

xoxo ... ChanyD💋