A peek inside my Easter basket😉

South African Lifestyle Blogger ChanyD shares her Easter chocolate preferences!

As always Easter is a much anticipated long weekend that always makes our tummy’s expand abit 🙈 … the range of chocolates and hot cross buns just get wider by the year.

For me personally , I only eat fruit-free hot cross buns so I am enjoying the ones that woolies sells at the moment. Not so healthy but hey a little cake once in a while ain’t gonna kill anyone!😎

When it comes to chocolate … well let’s just say I always indulge in the best. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so that’s a winner on my side.

It’s tradition for us to take our Sir MJ to the really cool Easter pop up store at Geldhof in Sandton City.

It is a walk-in sanctuary of all things Easter chocolate. It’s actually a good marketing trick and heaven for the kids.👏👏👏

We always get our boy the biggest bunny, which off-course gets loads of wows and has to be shared which makes the whole experience a whole lot more fun.

My Top Picks for Easter 2018 :😋😋😋

  • Sweetery : I love supporting local and empowering other women. So I would definitely recommend Sweetery. This gorgeous pretty mama to be (how exciting?) ,for the first time has a good eye for attention to detail in her creations and always surprises you with the coolest and prettiest stuff. I received a cool Easter package from sweetery and to be honest am saving the goodies for the weekend. 🌸💘💕

Here’s a little brief about this cute sweet boutique:

Sweetery offers an array of homemade treats such as cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, desserts and traditional Indian sweetmeats and sweet gifts. Based in Johannesburg and services all main areas.

Sweetery also offers products and services such as kids themed party packs with snacks and yummy treats, collation of sweet boxes and wedding favors/ trays/ souvenirs as well as gift hampers for seasonal events and days of interest (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and so on).

Easter offerings

If you're looking for something cute but not too pricey to give to your kiddies and loved ones this year, Sweetery’s collection of supremely simple treats are sure to have something to please everyone over the Easter weekend.

Sweetery Easter Sweet Jar

Filled with marshmallow eggs, pastel mints and speckled eggs – R150 for a pack of 6 jars

Sweetery Easter Bunny Jar

Chocolate bunny, pastel mints and speckled eggs – R90 each

Sweetery Silver Bucket

Aluminium bucket filled with speckled eggs, marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunny and pastel mints with a cute Easter bunny mask – R120 each

Sweetery Purple Bucket

Aluminium bucket filled with speckled eggs, marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunny and pastel mints with a cute Easter bunny mask – R180 each

Custom gift hampers and Easter baskets are also done at Sweetery.

  • LindtSA – Talk about a sweet orgasm 😉 … in your mouth too! I must commend the lindt brand for their variety of chocolates and stunning presentation of them at the lindt store in Sandton City.🙌 I popped by a few weeks ago and off-course got some really cute stuff for my Sir MJ. They are currently running some Easter promotions on their cool chocolates.
    Always the best concepts💯 and unique ideas so definitely a win which will be added to my Easter basket. Their variety coupled with their professional staff and overall experince at the shop always leaves a good “taste” in my mouth.😍
    Thank you LindtSA for your superb and delicious chocolates!

  • Geldhof – There’s something really special about these yummylicious chocolates🌟I personally use them for all my events and personalised goodies. If you know me, you would have ascertained by now that I always go for high-end and unique stuff,so Geldhof is always on the top of my list. I visited their store at Sandton City and as always they have such a cool range for Easter. Make sure you visit their walk in Easter sanctuary of chocolates. Thank me later honey😋

So these are my top 3 picks for Easter 2018. Go have yourself a fun-filled Easter, be safe , be good and do a good deed for a total stranger! I promise you, you will feel like a million bucks!

Yours in helping others always …